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Depression, anxiety and phobias

Posted by Anonymous-7ba4e7c4 in Mental Health, Jul 22, 2011

My brother is a 65 yr. old retired fireman and a veteran of the Vietnam war. He has had depression and anxiety for many years. Along with this he has a phobia of a substance that he says is in our parents home. He has not gone in side this house for 7 yrs or more. He believes it has gotten into all of the families homes now and if he does get together with us on a holiday he must change out of his clothes and bag them up take them to a laundromat. He goes to great lengths to keep his house free of contaminated things, getting rid of anything and everything if need be. He has recently had shock treatment for two weeks. He remains on antidepressants but is physically and emotionally overwhelmed with extreme anxiety. Because he does not want to get near us (though he does to say goodbye, trying to overcome his fear) it is difficult to help him. Anyone have experience with this kind of thing? I would like to see him in a therapy, some where perhaps where he could stay, outside a hospital setting. He says he can't go on like this. His greatest fear is not being able to be with his grandchildren and children and his thoughts go there all the time. He say's his greatest fear is coming true.

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Posted by @p009009, Aug 16, 2011

Maybe the substance he is afraid of , or at least very concerned about was something he learned of or been exposed to as a fireman or in the war. My question is, has he described the substance and its source of entry into your/his house or domicile? If so, maybe you can help him learn more about this substance. Speaking for myself, I do understand about containing contamination to some extent. For several years when I was younger I worked in paper mills and chemical refineries. The chemicals used in those processes would permeate my clothing such that I would also have to bag them separately and take off my clothes outside the house. My wife would then wash the clothes separate from others and then have to rinse the washing machine to get rid of the chemical smell- which is by the way a telltale of substance contamination. Can you see feel smell or taste this substance your husband is afraid of? How does he describe this stuff he is afraid of? Would he be willing to communicate with me? I have some things going on in my life he could probably relate to. If he does not want to communicate directly with me that's OK. You are welcome to do so. I have not ever had shock treatment, but have seen others who have had this procedure. I feel for them. That is something I am afraid of, having seen the effects of that treatment on others. I also have some troubles, but am willing to share experiences only if you and your husband think it would be mutually helpful. If at anytime you (either of you) think this communication is not helping then please terminate it forthwith. My promise to you is not to judge, criticize, or make any snap call that would in any way intentionally hurt either of you. Nor do I want to be hurt myself. If you make this social contract with me I will correspond with you, and maybe we can help each other. I have a weight on my that I have to get rid of somehow, and maybe sharing it with someone who has a similar degree of oppressive weight on their mind would help us both. If, however the sharing of communication becomes hurtful to me or you I will terminate the communication without hesitation. This is the premise I insist upon if we are to have a meaningful dialogue, and consider it reasonably fair and friendly. Hoe say you? shall we communicate?

Posted by Anonymous-a9de24a4, Apr 4, 2012

If your brother was a victim of the affects of Agent Orange we might be able to assist you in his health issues. Birth Defect Research for Children has collected data on thousands of cases of children reported by their parents to the Registry. The suggested pattern of adverse outcomes includes increases in learning, attention, immune and endocrine disorders .

This last year, our organization has submitted a Visionary Idea to National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIESH) to develop a Center to provide diagnosis and treatment to Vietnam Veterans’ children with structural and/or functional disabilities. If adopted this idea would become part of the NIESH Five Year Strategic Plan. Even though our organization has submitted the idea, it is not certain that the idea will be approved. The Vietnam Veterans of America have also made the Centers Project part of their legislative agenda .

The attached Centers outline discusses the desired outcomes that our organization is hoping to see implemented. We would also like to encourage you're brother to register in our National Birth Defect Registry if you have not already done so, this way we can further our research and project development.

Please let us know if you would like to join us in supporting the “Children’s Center” project and we can suggest ways you can help.

I hope this was helpful to you in some way.

With Best Regards,

Nina Truong
Outreach & Development Coordinator
Birth Defect Research for Children
976 Lake Baldwin Lane, Ste. 104
Orlando, FL 32814
Tel. 407-895-0802


Posted by @roxie43, Apr 21, 2012

Hello I am Roxie,
I am sorry that your brother is suffering and that you are concerned. I see that your brother is a war veteran. Has he been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? Has he been receiving counseling in addition to psychotropics and ECT?
He appears to be hyper-vigilent about contaminated things and perhaps should have another comprehensive assessment so that all of his symptoms can be treated. he's on anti-depressants but these meds don't help with phobias, paranoia, some may help with the anxiety but it sounds like he may need an anti-anxiety medication.
I received ECT and although the road to ECT was not appropriate it helped save my life. How did these treatment go for him? Two weeks of ECT seems like a short time....
We are here for you and your brother if you need us.
Take Care


Posted by @roxie43, Apr 21, 2012

Depending on where you reside look into;
" Intensive Outpatient Programs "
best rox

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