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Depression and anxiety

Posted by @davidmaher in Mental Health, Dec 5, 2012

Hello everyone
My name is Dave and I am new to this forum. I am 52 yrs old and have worked in the environmental engineering field for 25 yrs. I have always struggled with anxiety and depression due to some pretty serious family history and recently my parents have passed away and my Wife has Leukemia. I maintain pretty well and my faith in God has kept me going but lately I have been discouraged. I have had therapy for a couple yrs recently and that has helped. I am on 175 mg Zoloft ,10 mg 2x daily busperone and I average 10 .5 mg lorazapam per month. so that is a rough look at my history.
I am wondering if anyone could comment on my meds - they seem to work ok and they have been pretty consistent for about 4 yrs although the zoloft has steadily ramped up- sometimes I feel foggy and that bothers me - I would love to get off the meds but I find that hard - I still have bouts with anxiety which makes me wonder if a different med from zoloft would help - well, thanks for listening - I appreciate any feedback
God bless and have a nice day

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Posted by @teri15, Dec 6, 2012

Hi Dave, I have depression & anxiety, among other mental & physical problems. Right now I'm taking lexapro 60 mgs, Klonopin 3 mgs cymbalta120 mgs & Seroquel 450 mgs all divided 3 to 4 times a day. My meds are helping as much as they can. Maybe you need to try a different combo or dose. I see a psychiatrist & a counselor regularly, that may help. I tried Zoloft & it didn't help me that much. Can't remember what my dose was. I would ask your dr. about Klonopin for anxiety, it helps me.


Posted by @anneinside, Dec 6, 2012

Zoloft is an antidepressant and doesn't do anything for anxiety. If you aren't suffering from depression then it is doing its job.


Posted by @gloriacoleman, Mar 2, 2013

Depression is generally the least purpose of an individual's existence. Throughout that period, it is alongside improbable for the individual to enough perform the everyday jobs and tasks. One almost always feels dormant and languid with the sentiments of worthlessness, weakness and defenselessness obfuscating them.

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Posted by @piglit, Mar 2, 2013

Hi I have been a sufferer of anxiety from a young age and depression too over the years Although at times I have had the feelings that you have described I have still been able to function. I am not on any medication due to the reason of me being on warfarin which interacts with medications. I have checked with the link and noticed that you recommend herbal relief which I am a believer of in many situations but it should always be mentioned that to check with your GP as to whether you can take these medications without interaction. Take care


Posted by @davidmaher, Mar 3, 2013

Thx piglet and Gloria- I very much appreciate the feedback- you guys have great compassion- I actually added a low dose beta blocker and it has really helped with the anxiety -I have not had to take much lorazapam- I hope you guys have a great spring - I will pray for you- God bless


Posted by @piglit, Mar 3, 2013

Hi Dave nice to hear back from you, so glad that you have been able to manage your anxiety with a low dose beta blocker and that it is helping. I take a 2mg valium which helps me to rest at night. I find this helps. Also when anxiety is up a little more than you may like it too be a walk always helps me, nothing like a nice walk in the outdoors. Take care always here anytime Piglit


Posted by @roxie43, Mar 5, 2013

You are not alone Dave. I have also suffered with depression and anxiety for many year's. I am pleased that my anxiety has improved a little but my depression has worsened ....not because I have not done my share of hard work to get better but because I am only in control of myself and external factors do impact how one feels about oneself. I take a benzo for anxiety but only take it as prescribed. If it were not for Klonopin......I might not even go outside. Some people refuse to take certain medications because of the stigma and shame that surrounds them but I take what works. I am happy you have found something that helps your anxiety....let's both find something that helps with depression a little more.
Good Discussion......


Posted by @davidmaher, Mar 5, 2013

thanks Roxie
it sounds like you have a good outlook on things - Life has it's challenges for all of us. I pray that the springtime sun brings you great peace
God bless

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