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Depression after concussion

Posted by @jjgirl, Sep 16, 2012

Help,,, I had a concussion from a fall at work… Dr say concussion is gone but I am so depressed now… Is that normal after a concussion????I lost my job, my friends my life as I have bad pain from injury also but life goes on and I’m not living it anymore. I use to B out going and a people person…. Any answers r advice would B nice .I feel so alone and just about ready to ”give it up””'((((



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Posted by @humminbird1963, Sep 27, 2012

Hello jjgirl, I can empatize with you. I have depression and a few yrs. ago had a car wreck, I too had a concussion since then my moods are all over the place I take an anti depressant as well as anti anxiety meds. Maybe you should seek a mental health counselor it could be an underlying condition. Please keep me posted as to your progress or just want to talk.

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