Posted by wilcy @wilcy, Feb 17, 2021

I’m 69, colon cancer survivor with neuropathy in both feet! Tried surgery for spinal stenosis! Nothing helps! Have found kratom helping with depression

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@wilcy going through treatment for colon cancer, neuropathy, and spinal stenosis each by themselves life altering. It would make sense that due to these life alternations, such as likely loss of function, freedom, and pain, that you would feel depressed. Did I capture your situation and feelings correctly? Do you feel that the depression was/is caused by the ailments?

In order for me to connect you with members that may be able to support you, I'd like to ask more clarifying questions. May I ask, ask you saying that you are using kratom and it is working for depression?

I assume the purpose of the discussion is to discuss depression. May I ask how moderators, mentors, and mentors can best support you? Are you looking for like members, specific answers, or both?

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