Posted by LovelyCasanova @lovelycasanova, Jul 6, 2012

Was wondering if anyone or is it possible to go throu depression from a broken heart. My boyfriend and I had a bad fight and I ended up getting hurt with bruises all over my body and us breaking up for good ( my choice) I haven’t been able to eat in three days. I keep having flash backs of him punching me in the face
Ike I was another dude he was fighting in the street. I feel alone now and nobody to talk to. I miss him dearly but I know the right ting to do is move on and focus on what can make me happy.

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What you are feeling is normal!
Trust that you are doing the right thing, and that, in the long run, the pain you feel now will fade… both the physical and the emotional pains. No one should ever have to endure being beaten by a “loved one.”
You might try looking for a support group for battered women in your area.


It takes courage to walk away from an abusive relationship. Good for you!!! Consider pressing charges – and seeing it through. Your are most likely not his only victim….and he will strike again. You have the power to stop him. Do yourself and others a good deed….get the creep off of the street. I wish someone would have stood up the the jerk who is now abusing my daughter. You have the power…use it!!!!!!! If not for yourself, then for his future victims.

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