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Posted by @tryingtomoveforward in Men's Health, Nov 27, 2011

My 40 year son is suffering from depression. On top of that life situation, he also has chronic pain in his left arm and foot . And to make matters worse,,... He has just lost his job and has no health insurance. He is in so much pain that most days he just stays in bed. He is very depressed and I am worried about him. Any suggestions?

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Posted by @johnsykes, Nov 29, 2011

tryingtomoveforward, your son is obviously in a box, is the pain work related from his previous job?If so, did the employer deliberately let him go because of the chronic pain and has anybody diagnosed the problem? I know its impossible to tell a 40 yr old that he still has the possibility of a bright future- and this ONLY one chapter in his life- best of luck

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