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Posted by @helpmeplease in Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat, Nov 16, 2011

I am a 24 year old male. I am very shy around people and never say what's on my mind if i say anything at all. I sleep alot and feel depressed alot of the time. I have a notebook that I make to-do lists in and life goals in that I end up barely acting on. I have all sorts of problems and there getting worse please help. Of the dozen physciatrists I have seen they all think I am not bipolar but I know it's something more than anxiety and depression. The past 3 years since I quit Luvox 300mg a day I have been literally messed up in the head. Without the proponal and klonapin that I take I would shake and my eyes would go crazy around people. My eyes still currently are like I'm a crackhead. I am wide eyed they race everywhere when i'm around people (for instance cannot focuse on the TV when someone is around me and I keep them in my pheripherial vision the whole time for some reason. HELP This was just a quick summary of what is ruining my life literally.

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Posted by @nativefloridian, Nov 17, 2011

Sounds like you need to find some good doctors. Maybe you need to consider making a trip to one of the Mayo clinics where a team can assess your needs. I know someone that has similar issues (except for the vision problems) but they don't take any meds for the depression and anxiety. When they did take something for anxiety it was only for 3 days and then they quit. You really need to get some help from very reputable professionals like Mayo clinic. Best wishes as I hope you will move forward with this info and make a phone call or email to someone today. You don't need to live your life in depression with so many experts that can help you.

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Posted by @helpmeplease1, Jan 23, 2012

Where is the nearest clinic located from Kansas City, Missouri? Thanks


Posted by @sammer7, Nov 21, 2011

Hi, I just read your post and my heart goes out to you...I can honestly say you are not alone and I do understand what you're going through to some extent. I, too, am suffering from anxiety & depression. For me, the past year has been well...the perfect storm, so to speak. I won't start out by going into all of my issues, but I will tell you one of them is that I lost a very dear friend of mine in April because he committed suicide by hanging himself in his home. That was, and still is, very hard to deal with and comprehend. I'm only telling you this because after that happened is when my depression really started to take hold of my very being. Just like you, I would make endless "to-do lists" but the things on those lists would never make it past the paper I wrote them on & that causes one to get even more depressed. Trust me, I know how you feel. However, I could go on forever about the things depression would not allow me to do, or the feelings of hopelessness I carried inside me, but instead I want to get to the part where I finally sought help and where I am with my depression currently so that maybe you will see that this is not the end of the world, nor is it a reason to give in, give up, or end your life. I had to go to the ER twice this year and be admitted to the mental health floor of a hospital because I got that low and there is no shame in doing that if you ever feel you just can't deal with what you're going through. In fact, this second trip to the hospital just might have saved my life. I'm not saying rush to the ER, but in my opinion and I'm sure many others would agree, going to see a psychiatrist AND a counselor is crucial to recovery. Also, more often than not, some type of medication in combination with “talk therapy” is the key to becoming well again. The doctor put me on an antidepressant (mind you, it took going through quite a few different anti-depressants before the doctor found the right one for me and as difficult as that is to go through, it is SO worth it once you find the right one for you) called Nortriptyline 10mg and so far, it is working wonders for me. I feel "normal" again and I am actually excited about life again and feel like I could take on the world. 🙂 So, I guess what I'm trying to tell you is don't you ever give up on yourself because things can get better. There are so many good, caring, understanding people out there that are ready, willing and able to help you and all you really have to do is reach deep inside yourself and realize that YOU, my friend, are worth more than to spend another second of your life feeling this way when you truly don't have to. I know how difficult it is to even pick up a phone and make a call sometimes or even leave the house, but please trust me when I say this...there is hope, you are not alone in this, and with the proper treatment, your life can be beautiful again and then maybe one day you will be able to share your story and help others suffering from anxiety & depression. Keep the faith and don't wait to create a better life for yourself, take charge of your life right now, TODAY! You CAN do it, I just know it! 😉

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Posted by Anonymous-8efa72f9, Nov 22, 2011

There are other types of social anxiety disorders but read about avoidant personality disorder. Please, post back if you think it applies to you because I will want to say something else.
Also, there's an online test for it at

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Posted by @helpmeplease1, Jan 23, 2012

This is helpmeplease I had to make another username because I couldn't log back in. Thank you for all the feed back. Anonymous I took the social anxiety test and they said I had it severly no surprise, also severe ocd, and nothing on the bipolar didn't take the depression test because yes I am depressed. I would love to chat and see if we can't relate.


Posted by @helpmeplease1, Jan 23, 2012

My eye problem seems to have something to do with sleeping to much or too little and I believe mainly comes from anxiety AND the fact that I sit at my house by myself all the time like I am in the hole in prison, have very little communication with other people, never even answer the phone when people call. I am on the computer most of the time or watching tv/playing video games. The only time I can get out and have fun with friends and approach girls is when I have been drinking and I still have extreme anxiety at that. This is really the opposite type of person that I am and if you saw me you would think I would be the opposite type of person 100%.
To sum it all up my anxiety around people is debilitating but the physical side effects of shaking and my main issue my EYE PROBLEMS (very weird I know) have made it veeeeeerrrrry hard to function. I am almost thinking I have Grave's disease or something else causing this

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