Denied proper medical treatment

Posted by wekmont @wekmont, Aug 19, 2020

So I am being denied proper medical treatment. I'm a U.S. citizen. Have tried all the options as far as different types of places(ER, urgent care, regular DR.). Its clear to me at this point I will not be able to get treatment Anywhere in this country AT ALL. No one else will help me either. I guess its not very surprising if you follow the news of what's happening in this world. I will try to get to a different country if just for medical treatment. Thought I would seek feedback from this community.

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@wekmont Welcome to Mayo Connect. We are patients, caregivers, and family members who share our experiences and lend support to others on similar journeys. We do not give medical advice.

Would you give us more details? What is the health concern you are facing that has not been addressed correctly in your case? What has been done to this point?


@wekmont– I would also like to welcome you to Mayo Clinic Connect. I agree the world seems to be a mess right now. Are you living in America? I'd also like to know what you need to be treated for? Do you have insurance?


First of all, I am sorry to hear you are being denied treatment. No one should be denied treatment, whether or not they can afford it or have health insurance. Second of all, people want to help. Anyway we can help you, either with information or advocating for you, please let us know.

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