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Demylenating neuropathy

Posted by @derjr, Apr 30, 2012

My wife was diagnosed with DN several years ago. The onset has been very slow, a lot slower than the doctor that diagnosed her said it would come.
Are there any others out there who suffer from this same diagnosis?
She has moments where one leg will seem to drag or react like it is asleep. Also there are hotspots in one or both of her arms. Plus moments of intense pain like being stabbed with a ice pick.



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Posted by @kjet1961, May 8, 2012

Your wife is not alone. I have DN, mine too came on slowly. The doctors said it would come on very slow. Unfortunately I have been dealing with this for over 25yrs & would love to tell you & your wife that it gets easier.
In my case it has just gotten worse over time.
No one understands the pain involved. I am now in a wheelchair permanently compliments of Demylenating Neuropathy. i have a multiplicity of other disorders and am a 2 time cancer survivor. I don’t quit!

Tell your wife to try to keep a positive attitude, yourself too. Sometimes we get so busy worrying about or caring for a loved one we forget to take care of ourselves and this doesn’t do anyone any good.

I will keep your wife & yourself in my prayers, I may not know your names. However, God does & he will know who I am praying for.
God Be with you as you walk this path together.

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