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ellen nolan

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Posted by @ellennolan, Jul 16, 2011

I am 69 and caregiver for 76 old husband who has dementia possible FTL or a mixture of other types. He does not have Alzheimers. He has had it for one year as far as I know. Probably more years looking back. Just took a major decline in Feb. and I have been home with him since. Only leaving when I can hire a house sitter. He is stubborn on some issues and cooperates on others.

He was put on a new medicine called Exelon Patch. He became worse about 3 wks ago and I had him put in the hospital for care. They took the patch away and now he takes Zypeca for agitation and hallucinations. He seems better as o f now.

Most support groups are Alzheimer people and this is not quite the same. Might be in the more advanced stages . I don’t know. Happy to hear from any one.
Ellen in Eugene



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Posted by @readncoffee, Oct 28, 2012

Hi. My situation is similar. My spouse is 79 and was diagnosed with early dementia/FTL about 2 yrs ago. He is not, however, on any medication currently for that. He has multiple other health issues, however, including leukemia and that may account for lack of any add’t med in his routine. My husb does not believe he has any mental issues other than “forgetfulness.” Of course, this is not the case….sorry I cannot relate to the med issue you mention, but I wanted to let you know that our situations seem similar in some regards. Feel free to email me.

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