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Posted by @123abc, Aug 24, 2011

Looking for anyone who might have this experience re possible dementia. Symptoms in speech (could not find the words) first noticed in the mid-80s. In subsequent years, speech difficulty became more frequent. In the past 5-6 yrs it became more frequently on a weekly basis and today is daily. All kind of tests (MRI, brain waves, PET scan, etc) performed by different neurologists, psychologists, psychiatrists in 2 different states cannot determine the cause. Tests do not come back with abnormal physical results; therefore, it is indicated as being psychological. This exam did not result in any definitive diagnosis. Person will falter in speech, but fully aware of surroundings and what he wants to say. One recent episode occurred that he did not recognize me for several minutes. Daily functioning and performance is not impaired. He can focus on events or things he is doing (computer, research). These ‘episodes’ in speech may only last seconds. Physically, he becomes pale looking, voice changes, body language changes in most instances.

Latest psychiatrist advised it was not progressive dementia because symptoms are not consistent whereas what is occurring is like a yo-yo. Very frustrating symptoms occur but not diagnosis can be determined.

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Sar Shalom

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You could have demons-dementia and demons are in Spanish the same word. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved. Go to a minister who believes in the ministry of deliverance of demons even the Catholic church believes in exorcism. In the Christian church some churches/ I am sorry to say not all Christian churches believe in the ministry of demons/Jesus sent demons-legions of them into pigs and they drowned into a lake/or Sea. New Testament-look up. Not to worry! There is hope. I had them and I had them removed. Periodically we have to have them removed again. Keep reading the Word of G-d-Bible attend a spirit filled church, get water baptised-total immersion-micvided in the Hebrew, become spirit-filled, pray, and pray in agreement with others, have Born again friends, attend a Messianic-Christian synogogue-where the truth is spoken. Flee idiolity, fornification, keep the 10 Commandments, love thy neighbor as thyself, do not steal, honor your mother and father, do not covet, etc.

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