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Deciding whether or not to have Spinal surgery

Posted by @bobby528, Oct 22, 2012

Hello! Is there anyone out there who can advise me concerning whether I should have Spinal Surgery. I have been to a chiropractor for 7 months and an Orthropedic for 2 months. Now my Orthropedic doctor ask me did I want to have Spinal Surgery. They stated that it was my choice and that it was my call because I am the one who because of my pain determine this. But, I have read some horror stories about opening up your back for surgery and in some cases it doesn’t always help. I am in Limbo between not having surgery but afraid that my pain would get worse after i settle. Need wisdom!



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Posted by @clay6970, Oct 23, 2012

Based on the less than adamant manner of your surgeon, it doesn’t sound as if surgery is that necessary. Spinal stenosis, herniated disk or whatever is no fun but surgery may not help. Oftentimes, exercise/rehabilitation might be the better route. Good luck.

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