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Dear Cocowill, I am in a similar situation. I had a bad

Posted by @inlaca in Just Want to Talk, Nov 21, 2012

Dear Cocowill,

I am in a similar situation. I had a bad pap smear, followed by another test done by my gynecologist. He then sent me to a cancer specialist who did a cone biopsy. this is an outpatient surgical procedure. I was told that that procedure can be used diagnostically as well as a form of treatment. It can be a treatment if what is found is only precancerous, and/or if the perimeters are all clean, which means that the it doesn't appear that the cancer cells have spread beyond what tissue they have taken out.

If you have not had a cone biopsy or a LEEP procedure as of this point, and they have only found pre-cancerous cells, then I would enquire about having that done first!!!

In my case, the cone biopsy showed that I had some small cancer cells as well, and that one perimeter was not clear... and so, they are recommending now for me to o a vaginal hysterectomy.

Good luck to you and I hope all is well. @cocowill

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