dealing with small cell lung cancer

Posted by cheris @cheris, Nov 15, 2016

How do I be supportive to a family member with this? What are long term survival rates

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Hello @cheris,

I’m so sorry to hear that someone in your family has been diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. @llwortman, @major, do you have any advice that you can share with @cheris? I’d also like to introduce you to other members of Connect who are living with or caring for someone with lung cancer. Please meet @merilee, @alvinw, @shortshot80, @mryzuch, @amws and @burrkay.

Cheris, have you visited the Mayo Clinic ‘Living with Cancer’ blog? Here’s the link, and I would sincerely encourage you to take a look at it, if you haven’t done so already:

@cheris, would you share a bit more about your situation? When was this family member diagnosed?

Non Small Cell Lung Cancer became my blessing and taught me the importance happiness despite this journey and of living with a “Quality Of Life”!

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