Dealing with grief and MAC illness

Posted by robynmar @robynmar, Aug 6, 2017

I thought I would share that my husband has terminal advanced prostate cancer. He’s up and about and enjoying cooking, but he’s in decline. We’ve been married for 25 years, both widowed because of cancer. I started a Widows and Widowers Grief Support Group at a church in Menlo Park in 1990 and it is still going there and in many other churches. I wrote four books on grief which are published and on Amazon. So you would think that I would know something about grief. But I had a bad day yesterday. I’ve had this MAC infection since 2001 and my husband saw me through that and all the problems since. Now it is hard to see him so sick. We are sustained through our faith, which would be inappropriate for me to share here, but I would be glad to email separately if my experience would be of help for anyone else. robynmar

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You are an inspiration……. and I promise to not complain any more today. God Bless both of you and I’m looking forward to hearing one of your good reports soon.


Wow. U have a lot to deal with. Sending u luv and the white light❤️


Just want to tell you Robyn that I completely sympathize with you, having been there. My partner passed away from Leukaemia after a brave fight of four years. He has been gone for eight years now and as I look back I see that he had so much more courage than I did , I am glad that his suffering is over but I miss him every day.
You and your husband are both in my prayers.


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