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Dealing with depresion at 16

Posted by @darkbutterfly in Just Want to Talk, Aug 13, 2012

Its not a surprise that I have depresion, all of my sisters have had it. I dont know what triggered it exactly, thats because theres a lot of bad stuff in my life. I was sexually asulted when I was little by my dad. Reacently my grandpa passed away and im just in high school so that just adds on to the stress. every day it feels like im empty, like im just fading away and no one cares. Anyone else feel this way?

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Posted by @piglit, Aug 13, 2012

Hi sweetie sp sorry that you have been through so much. Have you anyone that you can talk to to help you deal with the way that you are feeling. It's good to talk things out sometimes it helps. I have been through many up and downs and have always found that talking to someone can relief the stress. Take care my dear always here anytime if you need to talk Piglit


Posted by @pinkstar, Aug 16, 2012

I do and I understand,at times I just want to hide from all my pain

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