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Nanette Hathaway

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Dawn, I go to my Dr. today near Seattle. I get worse

Posted by @nanettehathaway, Sep 21, 2011

Dawn, I go to my Dr. today near Seattle. I get worse at night, but only take 50 mg. lyrica twice daily. Maybe I need more. How many mg. are you taking in each pill? With the 2 lyrica, I take 1200 mg.gabapentin 3 times daily. Sometimes I feel the pain during the day even while on these e meds., thats when I have to resort to Vicodin,large dose, which the dr. increased since I came down with Neuropathic Burning Mouth Syndrome. All the physicians (4) believe the pain comes from pinched nerves in my neck. I have 1 mm stenosis in my spinal cord in my cervical spine (neck)(4 ruptured discs in neck). I am so happy to hear from you. Maybe my dr. will increase my lyrica to 3 also. How big is your dose? I have felt like I was the only one in the world,so glad to hear from Are you you. Maybe we can help each other with info. and support. I will let you know what my dr. does today. Will write this evening. In the meantime take care. Are you on gabapentin too? Talk to you later. Nanette Hathaway @dawn6604


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