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Dark side of cancer care

Posted by @rodneystich, Nov 12, 2011

There is a dark side of cancer care that is mostly unknown, and not talked about. I am a member of HMO Kaiser Permanente in Walnut Creek, CA. I was diagnosed by an out-of-plan physician with Stage III kidney cancer. After surgical removal of right kidney and lymph node, the Kaiser physicians absolutely refuse to conduct the standard blood tests and CT scans that are universally recognized. They say nothing will be done until I experience symptomsof the advancing cancer. These symptoms may not be experienced until the terminal stage of cancer. They give sham excuses such as CT scans are too hazardous; cancer treatment drugs are too hazardous; cancer drugs don’t prolong life. Like the Penn State sex crimes, no one informed of this corrupt denial of care under the HMO Medicare plan will do anything. Be glad if you are a Mayo Clinic or non-Kaiser Permanente member.


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