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crvo/brvo aftermath

Posted by @thseh, Oct 15, 2012

I have seen an optometrist regularily and see an opthmologist also, 3 months ago I lost over 50% of my vision in one eye.. my opthamologist called it ‘a stroke in the eye. Iwent to anothe clinic/opthmologist 3 days later because it got a lot worse, who said a crvo was most likely. and sent me back with suggested mri asap etc.
[done a wk ago] there i was also told i had gloucoma and cateract in that eye . After many visits to eye doc no information about what has and is happening. has been offered.
last week i thought i’d ASK some questions. altho my remaining vision[chart] has improved , brightness has been lost and i now have blurred visionlost sight in left side of this eye and that I needed information to understand what was happening to me.
He told me repeatedly that I had a stroke in my eye,[got it!!] that he couldn’t do anything about it [I know that]
I repeated the question a couple times and reason for it and his reply was the same,
When I asked about referral to cnib he also told me that I did not need to be referred to cnib since I was not legally blind and therefore did not qualify..
In my desperation to be informed and so pick up the pieces in my new reality I thought it would be good to talk to others who may have had similar experience and possibly find counsilling.
Apparently I don’ need any help.

Any advise??


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