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sarah eileen

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Posted by @saraheileen, Aug 14, 2012

Hi….Consensus among my docs is that I most likely have CRPS. It is located in my hands, and increasingly in my neck. I have read some testimonials about what worked for managing pain. I have to say, wow, this is intense pain. I feel as if I am on the edge of having my life radically altered (if I am careful) or ruined (if I am overwhelmed and desperate). I am considering going to Mayo. Does anyone have a recommendation for a Mayo doc? Or perhaps a doc in Austin, Texas?
The other issue is a recent diagnosis of Hashitmoto’s. Not sure what impact that has.
–Mil gracias, Sarah Eileen


Jim Broatch

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Posted by @jimbroatch, Aug 15, 2012

Dear Sarah Eileen: come to our conference in scotsdale on SEP 19th
Phoenix conferences
Integrated Solutions to CRPS in Phoenix.
Our patient and caregiver conference will be at the Zona Hotel & Suites in Scottsdale on September 19. Integrated Solutions to CRPS, a one-day conference will feature updates on treatments, ways to better manage CRPS, and many wonderful networking opportunities!
The Power of Pain Foundation will provide conference attendees and guests free Arizona Diamondbacks game tickets as part of the 3rd Annual Awareness Night at the Park. Register today and make sure and reserve your baseball tickets! There is a $10 registration fee. If you have any questions, please contact us at 877-662-7737 or

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