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Posted by @littleone in Just Want to Talk, Sep 8, 2012

My hand was scalded with water I had 2nd degree burns and was diagnoised with RSD althought most do not believe you can get RSD FROM nerve damage.My hand is weak and fingertip numb, my hand goes white and when it is cold I can get it to warm back up, it is like frost bite. I have not had a nerve block because I am scared thqt may cause more damage. My docoter does not even seeem supportive. I feel alone and because I dont look like anything is wrong. I CANT READ MY OWN HAND WRITING AND JUST STARTED A SUPPORT GROUP THAT MY DOCTOR DID EVEN TELL ME OR EVEN KNOW ABOUT. Any one have any suggestions.

Tags: CRPS


Posted by @mouser, Sep 9, 2012

I recommend physical therapy- specifically a hand therapist (they do exist). And yes- find a new doctor. Life's too short to deal with not having the right dr.


Posted by @littleone, Sep 10, 2012

Thank you for answering me, I did see a hand therapist, it did help to somew extent but my hand feels numb and when my hand feels so cold and feels dead it scares me, I am worried that it will spread like I have seen with the people in the support group.


Posted by @mouser, Sep 10, 2012

I hurt my hand bad a couple years ago. I used to carry little hand warmer packs with me because I didn't like how my hand got ice cold.
So like I said, I would seek a different doctor- one that specializes in hand surgery or sports medicine? I am thinking they would be more familiar with your situation that a standard internal medicine doctor.
I am guessing you have nerve pain if you are thinking of doing a nerve block? I would see if you could try gabapentin (aka Neurontin) first. It's a medicine that works on nerve pain.

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