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cronic pain

Posted by @kidthe, Apr 17, 2012

Since 2003 ive been to pain clinics in OK MO and MN my problem is finding a doctor that really wants to help with my pain and im tired of being treated like a dopehead that only wants drugs.Since ive been to the pain clinic at austin mayo the Dr.put me on physical therapy then after my pain level went up and my left leg that was numb is now a level 8 or 9 all the time, when i told the Dr.he said there was that chance and it might not ever go away.I was not told this before he ordered the treatment if i had i would never had done sick of being treated like im a dopehead just looking to get drugs im sick of the Dr.s at the austin mayo giving me meds that dont do a thing i was on a med list in Ok that worked but the Dr.s here seem to want to go their own way and so far that way has made me worse.If i take them to court and sue them for malpractice ill never be able to find another pain management clinic is there anyone out there who knows a Dr.that will help me treat me like a human and not try all these drugs that dont work.i would also like to have some controll of my treatments.Im sick of my pain level being at an 8 or 9 all the time.


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