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Posted by @vif in Digestive Health, Dec 22, 2011

Have a 16 yr old son with Crohn's. Been through everything and nothing is working... Any one know any REAL good experts in the US?

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Posted by @vif, Dec 22, 2011

or any infectious disease specialists?


Posted by @crohnsdad, Dec 29, 2011

Unfortunately the "standard" approach doesn't work very well. But there is finally new research that explains Crohn's and other autoimmune disease. And there are safe and effective strategies that I doubt you've heard of or tried. Here is a good place to start doing some research -


Posted by @vif, Dec 29, 2011

Thank you very kindly for your response and link. Very much appreciated.
Happy New Year


Posted by @kidney, Dec 29, 2011

The best thing to do is to find a support group. I wish i could find one! has he tried the medicine called Humaria. I have Crohns and it works. you will need to see a gi for that.


Posted by @vif, Dec 30, 2011

Thank you very much for your message. We have tried that - did not work. The "medicine" is not effective - for him.
I am glad it is working for you - but not an option for us. We have now started a "natural" approach and so far the results are positive. No meds will be the chosen route for us.......... I will let you know how this works. How long have you had Crohn's?


Posted by @kidney, Jan 3, 2012

see you want to go with no meds. i do not know about that. the golden fix is sadly. is to have a complete take down. But that is the last resort. ending up with a ilestomy. i had my first surgery in 1994 for ulcertive colitis. i have been told it is very hard to tell the difference between uc @ crohns. but i was told that i had crohns in 2007. had my complete take down in 2008. and if you choose to have a surgery you will never get rid of crohns. as you know crohns is the worse to have. because it affects you from the mouth to the a note i have had friends that had crohns.for years and they smoked and smoking cigerates kept there crohns under control. i know it is hard to believe.never give up.if you give crohns will win.


Posted by @glutenfreecuredmycrohns, Jan 6, 2012

Take him off gluten completely and you should see results if he is sensitive to flour products. No more pizza, hamburgers, chicken tenders coated w/flour. It worked for me after 16 years of no help from Dr's. You will be amazed.


Posted by @hopex, Jan 13, 2012

i have crohn's as well and was just recently diagnosed, im on corticosteriods and Mesalamine. it helps but not completely i also can barely eat anything, no dairy, tomato based foods, no spicy foods or cream based...i have lost weight to say the least, and its even effecting my work, i have been talked to by my manager for going home sick some days, life is definately different, i wouldn't wish this disease upon my worst enemies, i pray that your son does not have to face tribulations of this disease!


Posted by @vif, Jan 17, 2012

Thank you for your message and hope you are feeling better as well.
We are now completely off the meds.... no meds seem to help.
Taking probiotics and other natural sources seem to have helped for now.
I strongly suggest you contact a dietitian and see what types of remedies he/she recommends. Meds may not be the way to go for you.........

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