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crohns side effects

Posted by @sheshawoo, Sep 13, 2011

what studies have been done on breathing problems and crohns ? My daughter has crohns and has been very short of breath and sweating alot, we were told there has been studies done that show crohns and inflamation in the bronc. tubes are an issue, I havent been able to find any info. on these studies, could someone please direct me in the correct direction? Thanks….


Posted by @glutenfreecuredmycrohns, Nov 2, 2011

Breathing problems are usually associated with allergies, has she been tested? These gastro doctors never consider allergies because they’re getting rich off crawling up your rear-end. I was diagnosed 16 years ago w/Crohns colitis and just decided to go gluten-free and it has been absolutely amazing. Other body problems go away too. My allergy tests showed other allergies too, besides wheat, so I’m avoiding those foods too. Give it a try.

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