Crohn’s flare

Posted by sandyjr @sandyjr, Dec 24, 2019

My daughter started with a Crohn’s flare in the fall of 2018. She had surgery and had part of it her intestine removed in August 2019. Since the surgery which was successful, she has had different things go wrong throughout her body. The latest is that her ankles are swollen and hurt. Her gastroenterologist sent her to a rheumatologist and he said all of these things are caused by the Crohn’s. In a way that was a relief to my daughter because now she knows it is the one problem showing up in different ways rather than having a whole bunch of problems that are not connected. She is an adult and so goes to the doctors and stuff on her own naturally. She was pleased with this doctor she went to today. He suggested taking her off the enytvio and putting her on humira. He says this is still part of the Crohn’s flare. Is this normal? Has anyone had this type of experience and finally gotten the Crohn’s under control? Her intestines aren’t bothering her but the autoimmune part of the Crohn’s is affecting other parts of her body. I would appreciate any viewpoints or suggestions.

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