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crohn's disease

Posted by @maureenboblitt in Digestive Health, Jul 14, 2011

Anyone else suffering with crohn's Disease & also has a ostomy

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Posted by @neauxless, Aug 10, 2011

Yes. I had a colostomy at the end of 2009 . I was diagnosed with crohns at age 17, I am now 38.


Posted by @rebecca, Aug 14, 2011

How are you doing with the ostomy? My dr. has just recommended it for me. I have lots of questions.


Posted by @maureenboblitt, Jan 4, 2012

I am getting ready to have my Reversal Surgery this month Jan 26..I am super nervous & I hope everything goes well..You asked about having the Ostomy & for me it has been a total nightmare,I have horrible problems with leaking & it just basically changes everything in life//When I first got it I used to watch videos of people that had them & they alway's spoke highly of them & would say how much better their life was with it,they would say they could go swimming & carry on like normal & that is so NOT true..Not only can I not swim,I can't do simple thing's like Vacumm without my Ostomy wanting to leak..My advice is if you can avoid having one,then avoid it..Feel free to contact me with any questions..Good Luck To You..


Posted by @jadee, Oct 17, 2011

Me! I was diagnosed with Crohn's 40 years ago and had a colostomy when I was 23. I am 53 now. Had the surgery 3 months after getting married. (he knew I was going to have it) It gave me my life back. I no longer had to scope out the bathroom in every establishment I visited. Life hasn't been all rosy since the colostomy as with anything it has its disadvantage. I had a revision in 2003 to an illeostomy which means I only have the small bowel now. I fought the revision for a couple of years but once I had it it is easier to manage than the colostomy. Good luck with your decision. Let me know if I can be of futher help 🙂


Posted by @maureenboblitt, Jan 4, 2012

Hi JaDee~ I am scheduled to have my Reversal Surgery this month Jan 26,I am so nervous because I don't know how it is going to go..I have been wearing 2 Bags because I not only had my Ostomy,but I developed a Fistula as well at the bottom of my incision site,so I am having the surgery to repair my Fistula & Reverse my Ostomy..I am super nervous because I don't know how my body is going to react after being closed off for 2yrs..I am wondering what it is going to be like when I go to the bathroom..Can you tell me anything about the surgery??


Posted by @kidney, Dec 31, 2011

yes i suffer with crohns and have a illestomy. between having 10 major surgeries since i was 21 yrs old it is the worst thing ever i hate having a bag on me. but thats life.


Posted by @rebecca, Jan 4, 2012

I had my surgery Nov. 9 I had an illestomy. My life is so much better. I also had a fisula but that was also fixed during my surgery. I also had some issues with my bag leaking but tried several different ones.and that is better. My surgery was the very best for me. Praying things will go great for you this time. Where will your surgery be? Mine was at Mayo in Rochester. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Would love to be of help to anyone facing any of these issues.

Posted by Anonymous-961bdda5, Jan 6, 2012

Hi Rebecca~ I am happy to hear that you"re Reversal Surgery was a success,it gives me hope that mine will go well also. I am having my surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville,Florida on Jan,26 I only have a few week's left...I have been very pleased with all the care that I have received there & they are also very kind & they have also been very supportive towards my Husband being that he is my main caregiver..I appreciate that they care about everyone that is involved..My surgery will be the Reversal of my Ostomy & Repair of my Fistula..I wonder if there is any possible way that we could chat I have many questions that I believe you could answer for me since you have had the Reversal surgery already..I have Facebook,if you would send me a message I would really appreciate it. Maureen Mullen-Boblitt..Hope to hear from you.. 🙂


Posted by @rebecca, Jan 6, 2012

Hi Maureen Sorry I do not have facebook but if you could send me your phone number and a good time to call i would love to help if at all possible.

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