Crohn's desease

Posted by tanzaniaafrica @tanzaniaafrica, Dec 23, 2022

My sister was diagnosed with crohn's desease at national hospital
Doctor prescribe sulfasalazine with metronidazole for treatment and dosage was for one month but the result from dosage did not meet our expectasions after complete dose
We pay a visit to doctor and give update on patient conditon bu the again doctor prescribe same medicine
We did hestite for sometime and we decide to do research on such desease and found its rear desease in africa, sub-sahara and that's far our the hospital can do for medicine
And i'm in need of help in medicine for treatment of my patient condition

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Hi @tanzaniaafrica, welcome. You can learn more about the treatment of Crohn's disease from Mayo Clinic's website here:
– Crohn's Disease treatments

Mayo Clinic Connect is a forum for patients to share experiences and tips, not for professional medical advice. But I hope that the medications listed on the Mayo website will give you information that you can discuss with your sister's doctors as possible options.

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