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Posted by @melindawaldon, Oct 3, 2012

how can you make the medical community, ER docs included, understand that a crohns patient understands when they need help. My son has called his GI doc, he says go to ER, goes to er and doc says call your GI next day, so he calls GI and he says if you feel bad call your primary doc or go to ER, so he goes to primary doc he says go to ER if no better so goes to different ER and doc says nothing we can do call your GI, and this repeats itself two more times. What does a Chrones patient need to say to get help? He has no insurance (which I believe is the reason), he has had a resection in the past and knows his symptoms well

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Posted by @fairbanksrn, Oct 23, 2012

I understand, I am a nurse with Crohn’s, (my son also) and I feel like we get the run around. Between GI/Primary/ED it’s too easy to fall between the cracks. My gut reaction is to say you need to find a new GI doc if he’s sending you to your primary doc when you are having Crohn’s symptoms but I’m sure you’ve already thought about that. I know changing docs isn’t always do-able, depending on where you live. Other than that I would just say be his advocate and make a stand. The type of insurance coverage shouldn’t matter, although in the real world sadly it sometimes does. There are good GI’s out there you just have to find them, it’s hard. I’m sorry.

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