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Criteria for kidney/pancreas transplant????

Posted by @firefly in Diabetes/Endocrine System, Jan 30, 2012


My husband is a Type 1 diabetic and on dialysis for kidney failure. We have been waiting for a transplant for over 2 years, but he is on hold because the center where he is listed won't give him a transplant unless he is under a certain BMI. He got down to a certain weight and then they changed their minds and told him he had to lose even more weight!! Very frustrating!!!

Does anyone know if Mayo Clinic in Minnesota has a max BMI or strict criteria for weight for kidney/pancreas transplants??


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Posted by @alexsimon, May 16, 2012

Dear Firefly -
The Mayo Clinic transplant team evaluates each patient to determine whether a kidney transplant would be safe and beneficial, including working with patients to promote wellness and lower risks. This is necessary to improve outcomes after kidney transplant. More information on preparing for kidney transplant can be found at: or you call the Transplant Center for more specific information at:


Posted by @msnatasha, Feb 4, 2013

May I suggest also try multi listing. Many transplant centers have different criteria. I'm in Orlando, FL and I'm waiting to be listed on their list. I'm also working on being put on the Mayo Jax/Shands list as well. Later I will be attempting the Tampa General list and Miami lists. Most transplant centers share similar requirements but some have specifics that others do not. I guess it's all based on the surgeons. I hope this helps a little. I can relate to the frustration. I was told I had to lose half my body weight I was almost 400 pounds. I did it, but it wasn't easy. I actually loss 215 pounds.
Good luck with everything. God's continued blessings!

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