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Craving sweets

Posted by Anonymous-8c4d3880 in Diabetes/Endocrine System, Sep 25, 2011

'My spouse is eating Jelly Bellies and is out of control. He has a history of type II diabetes prior to his gastric bypass 2.5 years ago. Lately he's been eating in excess of 1000 calories in Jelly Bellies every day. He won't listen when I express concern. He's in denial and doesn't want to be labeled a diabetic ever again. I need advise on how to handle this out of control situation.


Posted by @jerryg349, Sep 26, 2011

I am also diabetic and understand the craving for sweets. My best solution is to not have any in the house. Don't buy any and then don't eat any. To fill the void try; 1) fruit or 2) believe it or not sugarfree gum. They work for me.


Posted by @sherik, Sep 26, 2011

Thanks Jerry. Unfortunately he's the one bringing it into the house. He's in denial that it's a problem and doesn't want to discuss it.

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