Cramping with a full hysterectomy and no ovaries

Posted by sunflower83 @sunflower83, 5 days ago

So, I have started with cramps but I had a full hysterectomy (due to endometriosis) in 2016 and I also have no ovaries.(due to cysts and ruptures) It literally feels like endometriosis cramping but last time I talked to the doctor he said scar tissue(but did no tests) I do have a slightly prolapsed bladder but this pain doesn't feel like it at all, but who knows. I see a new family doctor this Tuesday should I bring it up to her and if so what questions should I ask. Maybe I'm missing something. I've searched but everything I'm finding is with someone who has their ovaries still. Any thoughts or advice???

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@sunflower83 What you described sounds so uncomfortable and awful to me. I'm assuming that after the hysterectomy the pain and cramping you felt prior to surgery had gone away. I think you are wise to talk with another doctor. Since you are starting with a new primary care physician tomorrow (Tuesday, January 24?) this certainly something to bring up. If I were you I would want another opinion as it appears that your first doctor wasn't very responsive to your concerns.

Will you come back and let me know what your new primary care physician says about the cramping?

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