COVID vaccine re-prioritization in California - Type 2 Diabetes

Posted by yakoubou @yakoubou, Feb 16 7:47pm

California recently re-prioritized COVID vaccination groups/tiers to include those with Type 2 Diabetes with an A1C greater than 7.5, beginning March 15. If your A1C is any less than that, even with comorbidity recognized by CDC, then it sounds like you might have to wait until your age group is called, which includes healthier people, later this summer, maybe. Re-prioritization won't solve the vaccine shortage problem, but that's another issue. I, myself, could potentially stop Metformin and/or Jardiance temporarily and get my A1C up to qualify. That sounds like a stupid thing to do, and I'm not recommending that anyone do that, but what if I catch COVID before receiving the vaccine? I don't know which is worse. Are other states splitting hairs on the degree of disability and high risk health conditions? When I start thinking about bioethics, it drives me nuts. There are people far off worse than me.

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Covid-19 and all of its complications have created an unbelievable level of stress for many of us as we deal with our primary issues. One of the truly most frustrating parts of the equation is the ability to get the vaccine. If you look at the discussions in this Group you will see it is the topic of at least a dozen different ones, and there are more in other groups.

When the vaccine became available, the Federal government made the decision to control the purchase & FLOW of vaccines to the states, make recommendations (not mandates) about prioritizing groups of people to get the vaccine, & leave the creation of standards to the states & territories. Some states have even gone so far as to leave decisions to their counties or cities. As a result, we have hundreds of different sets of rules & priorities – obviously not an ideal scenario.

As for bioethics – I can tell you from personal knowledge that in Minnesota, it is a huge issue, the ongoing discussions have led to weekly adjustments in rules & standards.

While I cannot decide for you, I will point out that the long-term health risk of "messing" with your A1C is quite probably worse than waiting for the vaccine. As for risk of contracting Covid, you have managed to stay safe for nearly a year – can you hang on for a few more months?


Just saw this article about vaccination and people with allergies. It kind of make sense to me:

13WHAM-TV: Rochester Regional doctors use special technique to circumvent COVID vaccine allergies.


Does Mayo give C19 vaccinations


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