Covid-19 vaccination for children with autism

Posted by linh @linh, Jul 17, 2021

If this subject has been or should be posted elsewhere please direct me there: I learned from my sibling that it has been advised his teenage son, who is very autistic not receive a Covid-19 vaccination. Has this vaccination been that problematic for autistic teenagers?

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Hello, Whenever I get a question like this, concerning a condition that I personally do not have, I try to do a little research before I answer. Sorry this took me a few days, but life intervened…
First, I turned to my very knowledgeable sister-in-law, who is the guardian of her autistic grandson, and very proactive in protecting him. His docs recommended vaccine at the soonest possible moment because 1) he is in a group home, 2) adequate personal care & hygiene is not in his wheelhouse, and 3) people with autism have a very difficult time with illness, especially if they end up isolated and in unfamiliar surroundings like a hospital and away from their routine.

Then I looked here: and here: Again, both sites recommended prompt vaccination.

And I looked further to see if anyone has specifically recommended against the vaccine for people with autism. I could not find anything on an autism or vaccination site.

Maybe his son has other health issues. Otherwise, can you show these references to your sibling, and ask who advised him?


Took me awhile to find response. Thank you very much. Will foreword articles to sibling (son’s father). Another sibling said teen has immunity issues, but don’t know more. Your time much appreciated.

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