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Could This be appendicitis?

Posted by @amndahnry, Jun 24, 2015

Could This be appendicitis?

Few days ago I woke up with a slight dull pain in my belly button. I would be sitting on the couch watching tv and a few minutes later I would be leaning over holding my stomach. I was constipated so I thought I had indigestion and I took miralax two days later it still didn’t go away. I didn’t want to go to the Er because they’ll just say it’s a small stool stuck in there and to wait it out and it will pass. (This happened the last time) yesterday the pain got a little more noticable but again I ignored it because I didn’t want to be seen as a Hypochondriac. All of a sudden I was laying down watching tv and it shifted to my right side but it wasn’t sharp but dull like being poked real hard from the inside. The poking feeling became harder but I still ignored it. Last night I lost my appetite but I still ate because I knew I would wake up extremely hungry. I went to be extremely early and woke up kind of confused and drowsy. My mom took me to the doctor but she gave me some blood tests (she never took my white blood cell count) and a urine sample to see if I had ovarian cysts. She ruled out Appendicitis because I wasn’t vomiting or running a fever. On the ride home I had to have my mom stop the car because when the car moved I felt intense pain to the point I wanted to cry. Went home and layed down for a while and the pain is still there but duller now kind of throbbing. I been feeling cold and tired now a minute ago my chest kind of hurt and I’ve been feeling nauseas.


Hi @amndahnry. We’re not able to diagnose symptoms online, but we have some information about appendicitis available – I’ve linked to the page below. It might be helpful to discuss the information with your doctor.

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