costs of medications for lung transplant patients

Posted by tonfisken @tonfisken, Mar 20, 2012

I am looking for information on the type of medications used, the time frame a patient is on the medications and cost factor for lung transplant patients. If anyone has had a lung transplant please at your time give me this information.. Thank you…

They are very expensive depends on what they put u on. Between &4,000 and 7,000 a month you need good insurance. The start here the ones I take are prograf,cellcept ,prednisone,insulin, valcyct, mycelex,vfend,and a lot of vitamins and other meds depends on your issues . I have cystic fibroses


All lung transplant recipients are on medication to prevent infection (Bactrim and an antifungal drug – usually itraconazole), and medication to prevent rejection (usually tacrolimus, CellCept, and prednisone). These medications are to be taken lifelong. Other medicines may be required as well, eg if blood pressure becomes elevated or the cholesterol level rises. etc.. is a great non-profit site for transplant information.

Pharmacy plans vary so we encourage a patient to call to verify their specific coverages.
A patient would need to know who their prescription carrier is and call to ask these questions regarding their coverage:
Must they use a specific pharmacy for the prescriptions to be covered? Is the coverage different if generic or brand? What would the deductibles and co-pays be? Is there a maximum out of pocket for prescription medications under their plan? Is there a life time maximum on their coverage for prescriptions and if so could this be extended? Is there any specialty drug coverage under their plan?

This would be done by calling their pharmacy carrier, usually the carrier and the phone number are on their insurance card.

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