Posted by Chelois @chelois, Jan 14, 2012

Hello all! I am looking for anyone who has had Costochondritis and can tell me what there experience has been. I have had this now for several months and have read all kinds of stories…. some scary and others not so bad. It appears that this chronic inflammation has many different pains associated with it and I was just wondering what some other people have experienced. The biggest and hardest thing to deal with for me is not the pain but the anxiety that apparently goes along with it. Please share with me your experience! Thanks.

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Hey Chelois;

I was diagnosed the first time when I had an acute attack in college of Teitze Syndrome, which is the rare form of costo that includes substantial inflammation. This has been probably a decade ago. Since then, I have only had a few severely painful incidents, and a lot of mild to moderate pain over time. The nice thing about the normal everyday symptoms is that they are easy to solve with some OTC Ibuprofen.

I recently had some abdominal surgery and the recovery has been somewhat hindered by the costo because my breathing is more shallow than it would otherwise be and therefore my oxygen saturation levels have been a bit lower. The great thing, is that when you have surgery and are given any medication that reduces inflammation it will also relieve some pressures from the costo.

I’m not sure if this helps, but I hope so!


Hello ! I was diagnosed with costo a few months ago. its a horrible pain, isnt it? Severe pain in the rib cage area, going around to my back and shoulder blades.
I was on just advil and tylenol, but that wasnt strong enough, then my doc gave me tylenol with codeine, but that didnt help much either. Now Im on Tramdol, tylenol and Naproxen. that combo, every 6 hrs and every 12 hrs helps alot. That combo dulls the pain, but still doesnt make it disappear completely. I also take some herbs (anti inflamatorry) GABA, and TUMERIC.
I also apply some topical ointments in between those times. Pure aloe vera gel. and Dr. Leonards Siatica cream. Those help too. I never sleep the whole night though (which is why Im sitting here at 2;30 am). I usually wake up evrey 2-3 hours. I still work, (work in retail) and when I come home, I pretty much collapse in bed. Ive been reading all over various medical sites that this condition will go away on its own , eventually– but when ???

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