Cortical Myoclonus

Posted by 19-midw-19 @19midw19, Feb 20, 2013

I am a 74 year old female who been diagnosed with Cortical Myoclonus or bodily jerks sometimes accompanied by restlessness day or night that can be triggered by uncomfortable thoughts or sensations, caffeine, certain artificial sweeteners and possible other chemicals. I am presently taking Keppra, but even the smallest amount (1/4 of a 230 mg tablet) causes me to feel drugged. I have taken 3 other medications Pramipexole, Gabapentin and Clonazepam, and all with intolerable side affects. No explanation was given as to the cause of my Myclonus except say it was from the brain and had an element of restless leg syndrome. I was given a sleep study, a brain scan, an eeg and one other brain function test, but I don’t remember the name. I also was diagnosed with Primary Biliary Sclerosis, motility floor dysfunction, Sojourn syndrome, dyspepsia and sleep apnea. I have been told I don’t digest my fatti acids very well whatever that means. No one seems to know.
My last liver biopsy last May indicated that the liver showed very little damage due to the Primary Biliary Sclerosis. I have tested negative for disorders that I have like Primary Biliary Sclerosis and Sojourn.

The neurologist who diagnosed my condition said that the brain tests indicated that Keppra was the best medicine to treat my type of Myoclonus. The small amount I take helps with the restless sleep, but does nothing for the bodily jerks.

Could the Mayo Clinic in Florida offer me any more information on this mysterious condition if I made an appointment? I live in Vermont and don’t wish to make the trip for nothing.

Dear 19-midw-19 –
We cannot give medical advice or determine a condition over this online platform. The best way is to request an appointment by clicking on the upper right hand corner of the screen. This will allow someone to reach out to you to begin the process for an appointment and they will review your medical records.


@I do have primary biliary Schlorsis ,Glad you came up Negative! I recently did research on Magnesium, helps with sleep muscle jerks during sleeping it has neurology benefits, after I researched it I decided to try it and works got it on Amazon , DR BEST HIGH ABSORBTION 100%CHELATED MAGNESIUM, PROMOTES ENERGY PRODUCTION FOR HEART,CIRCULATION AND BRAIN ,ITS GIVES ME A GREAT NIGHT SLEEP FORGOT TO TAKE IT LAST NIGHT MY MUSCLES WERE TWITCHING ALL NIGHT , FOUND INFO ON U TUBE THERES A DOCTOR THAT TOUCHES ON HOW WE AGE WE ALL BECOME MAGNESIUM DEFICENT A BLOOD TEST IS NOT AN ACCURATE TEST BUT I was on the lowest # of norm? They make it in a spray does not work as well as 2 ,200mg pills ,God bless feel better

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