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Core Decompression Surgery

Posted by @alia in Bones, Joints & Muscles, Aug 5, 2012

I have Avascular Necrosis on my right hip. Drs. have classified it as being between stages II & III. Due to my age, 35, my surgeon recommends Core Decompression Surgery, in lieu of Total Hip Replacement & tells me my chances are 50/50. I would appreciate hearing from anyone familiar with the subject.


Posted by @callers, Sep 29, 2012

I am sorry you haven't had a reply. Don't have necrosis but a badly messed up right hip. Wish I could tell you something. Hope it is resolved by now. Prayed you'll get the right treatment.

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Posted by Anonymous-b7a6e66f, Sep 29, 2013

Alia....have you done this? I am 34 and have AVN. My left hip looks like it needs to be replaced, but the doctor I just talked with locally said he maybe able to save my right hip with Core Decompression Surgery. I am getting an MRI this week to see if it's early enough to possible save. I'd like to here what you have to say?


Posted by @mardigras, Jan 23, 2016

We are doing this to prolong a full hip replacement. My doctor said the AVN was not there when we did surgery in June to reattach the hamstring muscle to the bone,and he had to reshape the hip joint so it would function better as it was not round like it should be and was probably that was when I was born. I haven't had the surgery yet but the MRI clearly showed where the bone was cutting off blood flow. I opted to do the surgery because my dDr said even at 53 I was to young to do a total hip replacement so we are trying to hold off as long as possible. He did tell me that hip replacement surgery is the easiest surgery to recover from as well as AVN.


Posted by @tllamber, Mar 18, 2016


I had Triple Arthrodesis in Feb. 2013 and found out in May 2014 (after a very successful healing) that they had lost blood flow to my Talus bone and that is was cracking and AVN was starting to set in. After months of non-weight bearing, months of a boot and throwing everything possible at it, it looks like it is not getting worse and I may be getting some blood flow back. However, it is almost 2 years later and I still have to wear a brace if I walk more than a couple blocks and I cannot do any prolonged walking, exercise, etc. Also, if I sit without elevating my foot for more than 5 minutes it gets so stiff I limp really bad until the blood flow gets back. I am sure there is probably arthritis setting in and causing some of the discomfort. Both surgeons/specialists I have seen (they are supposed to be the best in Seattle and Portland) say there is nothing I can do, possibly a full ankle fusion or of course, amputation if it never gets better. I don't want to lose any more functionality in my foot with fusion. Of course, amputation is a last resort. I have considered trying PRP or Stem Cells, any other ideas? I think acupuncture and electrical stimulation has helped, but only to a point (both my doctors don't believe in any of that, which is frustrating!). Also, to note, I was an athlete so this is causing me to pretty much lose my identity. But, the plus side is I am strong everywhere and have never broken a bone, so have a strong structure everywhere else to work with. I am willing to try anything, but of course, insurance does not cover some of this and so want to know if anyone has had experience with a similar issue. Any input would help!


Posted by @alysebrunella, Mar 18, 2016

Hi @tllamber, and welcome to Connect. I'm Alyse, and I'm one of the community moderators here. I can only imagine how frustrating this all must be, but I'm glad to hear that it seems to not be getting worse. I'd like to introduce to you to a few other members of Connect who have gone through a similar experience.

I've tagged @mardigras in this response with hopes that you two are able to talk and share your experiences, as well as any tips or advice you may have. Also, I'm going to move your question into a thread named Core Decompression Surgery. There may be other members in the thread who can provide some insight.

What types of exercises or movements are you currently doing? Have you found some to be more helpful than others?


Posted by @tllamber, Mar 21, 2016

I can swim and do stationary bike and that is all that doesn't hurt. Otherwise, I just flex my foot with no weight. My doctors have both said that Core Decompression is not an option for me as well as any other surgeries except fusion. Not sure if I understand why.



Posted by @alysebrunella, Mar 22, 2016

@tllamber, I'm glad you hear that you're able to do some physical activity. I would recommend continuing to talk to your doctor about what treatment options will work best for you. I noticed you mentioned stem cell therapy in an earlier note. There is a webinar taking place tomorrow titled Stem Cells and Growth Factors for Osteoarthritis: Hope or Hype. More information can be found here:

If you're available, I would highly recommend listening in as this may provide you with the necessary information and resourced needed, so that you and your doctor can choose the best treatment path for you. Simply click the "Register Now" button to sign up.

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