Cording: Can it happen months or a year after mastectomy?

Posted by Rom828 @jgallagher04921, May 28 5:29am

My mastectomy was last April ( been over a year). Could I get cording now? I have a pain that runs like a straight line starting at the base of my breast and runs straight down my ribs and stops at my stomach. It hurts to touch it and to stretch that side. Feels like my ribs hurt but it runs straight down. I do not see a line on my skin.

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Yes, cording can develop weeks, months or even years after surgery. I had cording in my armpit and resolved with stretching exercises.

Treatment options are:
- Stretching exercises: A physical therapist can teach special exercises that stretch the cords and allow for more freedom of movement and less pain. One example is extending the elbow, lifting the arm, and then extending the wrist.
- Massage: Can help soften the cords
- Pain medication: May be needed to help with the discomfort of the exercises
- Swimming: Can help regain movement and lessen pain
- Laser therapy: A lymphoedema practitioner can use a small device to send low-level laser beams to the cords

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Do you have a provider who could refer you to physical therapist who can help you develop a treatment plan?


Thank you! Yes, I saw an OT for a bit to help me regain motion in my arm after surgery. I just had Onc apt 2 weeks ago Figures this would develop after the apt. Haha

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