Coping with it all / Tragedy in Nova Scotia

Posted by maggiek @maggiek, Apr 21, 2020

Coping with the covid virus, isolating, distancing, trying to cut back on the saturation on the news, has heightened our stress and anxiety! And now when you think you are managing to hold things together our world in Nova Scotia explodes on top of it all. 23 deaths and counting, 16:crime scenes
How can anyone make sense of things today, This Friday April 24th At 7 p.m. Atlantic time there is a vigil of sharing and caring on Facebook, go to Colchester supporting our community. Stay safe..stay healthy!

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So sorry. Fond memories of Nova Scotia. 1967-68!0r so world fair there. Why this creep did this – so horrific


We still dont know why. With so many crime scenes and with the covid virus they are working on bringing in experts from other parts of the country , but thats another logistical nightmare. It’s simply a nightmare . When most are stressed already this magnifies it all …covid isn’t top of the mind for sure.


So sorry. It’s tough. Be good to yourself as best as you can. Chocs and books for me- and pics of natiureand critters. With life being hard- I am writing in a journal- helps puts my feelings/ isolation being expressed. Being hearing impaired- masks makes things even harder.


@maggiek, I still have much to learn about how to respond and navigate our Connect groups!

Just wanted to add that my neighborhood and small U.S. city sounds very similar to yours in Nova Scotia in that we are a supportive community whenever tragedies strike. It is beyond human comprehension to understand what can go so wrong in another human to prompt such undeserved pain and suffering to so many innocents.

The U.S. has witnessed far too many lost lives to the insanity of deranged people. Something one can never become accustomed to or understand. Sending you best wishes for comfort during this time of additional trial and grief .

Hard enough to cope with the frequent "natural disasters" that strike our universe, how much more tragic and senseless are the "man-caused" ones. Even harder during times like this world-wide crisis during this Covid-19 when we are engulfed by the tsuanami of virus threat.

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