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COPD and broken ribs

Posted by @monique328 in Lung Health, Jun 1, 2012

My mom has COPD and was recently in a bad car accident where she broke 5 ribs, she semed to be gettng better however, now she is having a problem with her blood oxygen level which is currently only at 50 percent. Does anyone know anything about this or have any advice for me?

Tags: lung conditions, broken ribs


Posted by @mindysue, Jul 27, 2012

I also have COPD. I am in final stages, I am 65. I recently went to see my family Dr. because I was Having a lot of pain on my right side. He sent for exrays and turns out I had 5 fractured ribs. I do not recall how or when I did it. Dr. thinks from coughing. I am on oxygen 24/7 @ 3liters. Isyour mom on oxygen?


Posted by @mathewphilips, Sep 1, 2012

Sorry to hear about your mother's condition. Hope she will be al right soon. I don't exactly get it when you saw oxygel level 50. Do you means oxygen saturation. Chances are that she might not be having adequate lung expansion, or a possible secondary infection. Is she having any pain in the ribs which prevents her from breathing normally?

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