Cooking during pandemic

Posted by ihatediabetes @ihatediabetes, Oct 6, 2020

Hi everyone, I thought I would start a discussion on pandemic cooking. I have been cooking better since the pandemic made me have to cook at home. I make salad with homemade dressing. Plus I add a main dish. Yesterday I made spaghetti with meat sauce. I put in frozen riced cauliflower and succotash into my sauce. The frozen vegetables add depth and nutrients. I try to follow the healthy cooking principles the Mayo Clinic wellness classes that I have taken.. Have other people been working on the pandemic cooking skills?

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How does the cauliflower and those zzucchini noodles taste? Have been wanting to try them for awhile. How's the cauliflower pizza..I've seen one from Oprah's Kitchen & almost tried it a few times but chickened away. Without being able to go out like once a week or so(to spice things up) cooking and eating takes on a boring quality many days. Any other suggestions? It's just kids to cook for, they're out of the house & on their own. Kathy

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Hi Kathy – We eat riced cauliflower in place of rice occasionally, but it does have a relatively strong flavor, so the dish topping it needs to be robust – like spicy red beans & rice. I enjoy cauliflower pizza, it is much more mild because the cauliflower is generally tempered with rice or tapioca flour. We eat zucchini noodles when rarely and prefer red lentil pasta, which holds up very well to reheating compared to other no-wheat pastas and provides a bit of protein…
As for easy meals, we often do loaded omelets or loaded baked potatoes, cooking up finely diced veggies in quantity – combinations like onion, broccoli, carrot, sweet potato – freezing in one-use portions, and thawing before use. We add to the omelet or top the potato, then add fresh tomato or avocado on top, sour cream or cheese and maybe some left over chicken or pork.

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