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Conversion disorder

Posted by @jillm1971yaboocom in Brain & Nervous System, Nov 15, 2011

It is suggested my 10year old son has diversion disorder. He started having problems in June seeing 3 it lasted 5 min progressed to longer time then began loosing the use of his legs knees down lasting 10 min usually with the eye spells at same time by august he started developing white blindness spells and legs and multiple visioncwere lasting as long as 5-10. Hours last night it had moved up and he was unable to move at all full body paralysis. For 20 min. He's just progressively getting worse we have an appt with a therapist but its not for another month. We are scared! What's next? Symptoms come on out of no were and go away just as fast any advise would be appreciated!!

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Posted by @deliasanderson, Nov 20, 2011

is he a good eater and does he get his 20 essential amino acids a day. if the answer is yes then perhaps how he breaks it down is a problem. recommend an endocrinologist


Posted by @jillm1971yaboocom, Nov 21, 2011

Delia thank you how do you know of this. He's great. Is there something he can take to help with this?


Posted by @deliasanderson, Nov 21, 2011

I'm glad to hear he's great. I have a family member recently diagnosed with a disease that's either a protein cause or an enzyme where the inablity to catalyze or cause catalyzation is at the root.i I was just blown away at the damage this results in. For example, look at the infant PKU disease where babie are born with it and now they screen for it and immediately introduce a special diet. It's not a cure and there can still be problems but these children did not survive in the past. So much, I realize is all in how the food is absorbed. Years ago, I had taught parenting classes and noticed one 3 yr old whose eyes would suddenly go crossed and she'd screech like a banshee. Children do scream and some more loudly than others but this was a very eerie screach. I really had never witnessed this before although i had worked with over a thousand children. I thought that maybe I was imagining it but she did it in the hallway of the public school and the principal looked her way. I asked him did he ever hear that kind of shriek before and he said he had never heard it and it was strange. So I discussed it with her mother and suggested she get her vitamins checked. She was an upper middle class child, beautiful, tall, shiny hair, healthy teeth and skin. She was at grandma's a few days later and when her mom said 'let's go', the child said she couldn't move her legs. Mom thought she was horsing around and insisted she get up off the floor and come, the father intervened and picked her up. He noticed something was seriously wrong and rushed to the emergency with her.The child was diagnosed with vit B deficiency and went paralyzed, blind and deaf. Luckily, the emergency dept. in the hospital sent her to an excellent facility where it was diagnosed quickly and they injected her immediately with necessary nutrition/supplements/drugs. It took a year in a an excellent rehab center but the child recovered all faculties including all her mental functioning.

So do I know anything your son can take? No, I couldn't recommend anything except what I have already suggested. For some, seeds and bran are helpful, for others, melon and apples, but for your son, he would need to be diagnosed as it's all so individual. If a vital enzyme is not working, then proteins will not digest properly so intervention in this case would be necessary. I would strongly advise you, however, to keep a journal of what he does and what he eats. Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand so when he's great, look at the journal, the foods, the exercises, the amount of hours outside of the house (in case it's environmental), the amount of hours somewhere else (in case it's psychological). All these factors need to be considered when it comes and goes.

My relative has a disease that is constant and worsening so time is of the essence as no cure is known. So I am desperately seeking answers.

Good luck with your son, you sound like your intuition is heightened and this, sometimes, is the best guide to truth. Like the father, in the story above, he knew in that moment the right thing to do and thank goodness, he did it and not put the child to bed.

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