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continued pain after total knee replacemen t of one year

Posted by @daz in Bones, Joints & Muscles, Jan 28, 2012

knee replacement pain continued after surgery

Tags: knee replaceme nt, pain after surgery


Posted by @daz, Jan 28, 2012

please I need help


Posted by @roni4, Jan 29, 2012

My moms ex boyfriend had both knees replaced and continued to have discomfort and trouble he went in to have a second check and found out he had arthritis growing on his new knees so maybe that's a possible reason for your pain?


Posted by @poppop, Feb 11, 2012

Don't know if I can but I have had severe pain in my right knee after having it done 11/21/2007. DRs. can find no problem but could not walk for long after surgery. Now pain starts as soon as I start walking. I would get x-rays and reports and see a knee and pain special..There is one at Jackson MS. Ortho clinic. He is also a pain specialist and does follow up on results of these replacements.. Do not know where live but if close it would be a good try. You may around and see if you can find a good Ortho clinic close to you. In case you are close to Jackson you can find them online at Jackson Orthopedic and sports medicine. Good luck.

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