contemplating thumb surgery

Posted by morgandea @morgandea, Jan 9, 2012

I’ve had severe basal thumb arthritis for a long time and have been advised to have the surgery to replace the trapezium at the base of the thumb. All the good surgeons here in Denver and it seems at Mayo want to do the LRTI, the big operation using your own arm tendon for cushioning. Apparently the results can be good but the recovery is very long, almost a full year. I’ve consulted with other hand surgeons who do very successful implants and the recovery is much faster and have they a very good track record. But I’m nervous because Mayo seems to think that the full LRTIi is the best option. I’m just looking for other people who’ve had any of the thumb replacement procedures to talk about their experience. Thanks. Nancy procemsOPTIONoPTION.

Did you ever make a decision? I’m also contemplating thumb surgery and found a video on You Tube by a Mayo doctor called Thumb Arthritis: New Treatment Options

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Age matters, according to my ortho doc. Scar tissue forms with the slow healing of people over 45 is a serious consideration. I would ask the surgeons specifically about this.

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