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Posted by @jjgirl, Sep 16, 2012

I fell at work 4 months ago on my butt and fell backwards and my head bounced up and down like a ball. I had a concussion, pulled muscles spine injury etc.. I have Fibromalga and was already n pain care when this happened… Dr say concussion is gone now, I am N phy therapy, seeinf Dr to help with memory.. I’m so depressed, withdrawn, lost my job, lost ”me”’ I still don’t feel like ”me”’My back , neck , shoulder,head still hurts.My memory is crazy, thinking is way off base… just sad

Since concussion is gone Y am I feeling worse instead of better? I have bad nervouse spells, panic attacks, don’t sleep, the list just goes on and on.. Help please before I do something really stupid. TY 🙁



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Posted by @anon77906882, Oct 3, 2012


Please reach out for help at home, school and/or work. Please know “This too shall pass.” Right now it may feel like you will never be the same but there is hope and answers to your pain, concussion, fibromyalgia and memory problems. You need to find good doctors and a good Pain Treatment Program. Mayo Clinic has an excellent three week Pain Treatment Program at St. Mary’s Hospital and they have many people enrolled with Fibromyalgia, car accidents, work accidents, etc. Please call Mayo Clinic in MN or if their other locations are closer to your home call their FL or AZ locations. Please know there are many treatments for pain and also anti-depressants to help with the depression, anxiety, sleeplessness and such that come from being in constant pain. Mayo Clinic also has many counselors they include in the program along with group therapy too, physical therapy, and so forth. Please call them or check them out online. Never ever hurt yourself….call 911 and ask for help. There are State and County Health programs too. This too shall pass JJGIRL. You are in my prayers. God bless you.



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Posted by @alexsimon, Oct 3, 2012

As Nancy mentioned Mayo Clinic has excellent pain treatment programs – to request an appointment -please click on the “request an appointment” button on the upper right hand corner of the screen.

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