Posted by neville @neville, Aug 11, 2018

Use flax seed with your morning cereal. Seed must be ground to remove the indigestible skin. Start off with one table spoon. Not only will it cure your constipation but you will get your omeg 3 fix. Golden flax is preferable to brown

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Hi @neville, thank you for sharing your technique for constipation. If you don't mind sharing, are you giving your tips for helping constipation in relation to any diagnosis, or just for other members to help with his or her constipation in general?


Magnesium is known to help with constipation as well. There is a product called, Calm. It is a powdered magnesium that you mix in water or other liquid. It is available in health food stores or online, that can be effective for some people. Taking it at night is best. You can buy it flavored, but I prefer the plain variety.


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