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Constant vertigo for almost 2 years

Posted by @claudia11, Mar 3, 2013

I have constant vertigo for 2 years. I have had just about every test under the sun.
3 abnormal ABRs and an MRI that shows an AICA loop extending into the left ear canal. All other tests normal. My speciialist thinks there might be vestibular nerve compression.
This vertigo statred quite suddenly and has been constant. It gets worse when I turn my head side to side so I gave up drivng.
Would appreciate hearing from anyone.
I live alone and feel so alone in this . Nobody seems to understand this.



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Posted by @anon88375104, Mar 3, 2013

Hi Claudia, I have also suffered from this problem going on 14 mos. It has left me nearly nonfunctional. I just started vestibular rehab about one month ago and can now turn my head from side to side and up and down without “triggering” the spinning effects but am still dizzy all of the time. I’ve also had all the MRIs and CT scans but they could never find anything. Finally had just a regular X-ray with three views – neck flexed up, flexed down and straight on with mouth open. Amazed to find out that my axis (C1) vertebrae is off. They said I have “military neck” and that is the cause of all of my problems. Also have ringing in the ears, visual disturbances and muscle weakness from time to time in addition to the dizziness and vertigo. I looked it up and can’t believe that is exactly what is wrong. I hope this helps you and anyone else who might be dealing with these nightmarish symptoms. Good luck!

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Posted by @claudia11, Mar 4, 2013

So glad to hear from you. This dizzy stuff is just awful. I had physical therapy for my neck as well as vestibular therapy. I had stopped turning my head from side to side because it made the vertigo worse so I got a very stiff neck hence the physical neck therapy for 4 months. One doctor suggested the vestibular therapy but after several sessions the therapist said it was not doing any good.
I had an MRI of my c spine and that showed stenosis and spurs so one doctor thought I had cervical vertigo. Like you I am almost nonfunctional at this point.
I have to rely and friends and neighbors for rides to the store etc. Now even getting to the docotrs is difficult. I am 59 but I feel much older.
I hope you get some relief from your difficulties. Has anyone prescribed any medication?
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Posted by @mdotsie, Nov 19, 2016

These symptoms all sound familiar to me, too. I haven’t been able to drive for years but I have family who very kindly provide me with all the transportation I need. Still, constant dizziness does take the fun out of things. My husband and I used to love going to the movies. Now we have several home TV movie services like Netflix and have learned to enjoy our date nights that way. Medication for dizziness would be a nice find. I keep thinking there must be something out there.


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Posted by @amberpep, Nov 20, 2016

Hi there …I probably shouldn’t poke my nose in here, but I’ve had this happen to 2 family members and both doctors gave them something called “Antivert.” Someone may have already mentioned it.


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Posted by @mdotsie, Nov 20, 2016

Thanks. I tried that and it didn’t work for some reason. Do they know anything else to try?


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Posted by @jczarkowski1270, Fri, Jan 27 8:54am

Have episodic dizziness for over 1 year and half. 8-2015: CAT SCAN to brain(some calcification to arteries); 9-2015 MRI to brain(senescent); I use food medicine based on science(phytochemistry). The ginger was effective in treating nausea(associated with dizziness initially), meclizine (failed), studied antihistamines (some success with quercetin (in apples, onions). Nausea is basically passed. Still episodes of dizziness(sway), never had vertigo(spinning), never had dizziness in supine/resting; and no problems in driving. Even though a few physicians diagnosed me with vertigo(spin), never had that symptom. Make sure one notes true symptom(vertigo: spin; imbalance, or lightheadedness) critical for physician to be on the right page in diagnosis. JIM>>>>>

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