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congenital heart disease - from italy

Posted by @fagiolina in About Kids & Teens, Dec 7, 2011

Hi. I'd like to talk to someone who has been at Mayo Clinic for surgery in children with congenital heart disease, especially from abroad. My 3 years old daughter has already been treated in italy, but I heard about this clinic and I'm wondering for an appointement....


Posted by @sweetsaur, Jan 15, 2012

When my daughter was at the Rochester Mayo there were people there from all walks of life and from all over the planet.. I say you go for it but do get a referral from your doctor.


Posted by @fagiolina, Jan 15, 2012

I have an excellent doctor here in italy, but my problem is with the Intensive Care Unit where patients stay after surgery. In Italy parents are not allowed to stay with their children and i don't want to do that again because I don't want to leave my daughter alone...
I hope my english is clear enough...
can you tell me if at the Rochester Mayo Clinic is the same? can you stay with your daughter in Intensive Care Unit?


Posted by @lauravda, Jan 24, 2012

Your English is great. Sorry I can't help with info about the Mayo Clinic. I just wanted to say hi. I am in Italy as well and considering going to the Mayo Clinic soon. If you decide to go I could like to hear about your experience. Auguri and best wishes for your daughter's good health!


Posted by @fishinglady, Nov 9, 2012

they give the best care there even for adults so i would make an appt. for your daughter. they are all very nice and help any way they can.

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