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concerned about husband

Posted by @wr, Feb 25, 2012

My husband has been having some kind of episodes where he is unresponsive for a few seconds, he makes strange sounds with his mouth, he either squeezes an object with his hands very tightly, or has a jerking movement with his right hand. When we are able to get him to respond, he has very slurred speech which in unintelligible. He has no memory of the episode and does not believe me when I tell him about it. It has been witnessed by my mother and our son. He refuses to talk to the doctor about it. The only health problem he is Type II diabetes. Has any one else experienced this or heard if it ?

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Posted by @mizmish, Mar 26, 2012

This has happened to my husband who has some other problems too. I was told by his doctor that his BP falls very low, and he’s out, unable to respond for a few seconds. Is not aware of it. If he won’t see a doc. ,take his BP yourself any time he is having a problem like that. Our doc. takes BP standing and sitting. good luck.


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Posted by @mamapearl, Apr 20, 2012

There sounds very similar to my sisters reaction when she first started having seizures; however be sure to go to a good neurologist because my sister was misdiagnosed and is now where she can hardly walk, eat, and her cognitive skills were declining…she is now diagnosed as having encephalitis….we are waiting on a blood test result for a possible malignancy or autoimmune disorder. Her thyroid antibodies were very elevated but this does not mean it’s a thyroid problem…just that this is what was affected. She has been dealing with this for almost a yr and snow on steroids which is helping her memory but her seizure meds had to be adjusted. If this is caught in time, the condition can be reversed….but NOTHING will show up on regular (CBC) blood work!!!!!!!!!! Good luck n God bless you!!!!!

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